the Winter Wedding Hairstyle | Lauren

Throwing it back to one of my favorite winter wedding hairstyles. Lauren and Joe were married last New Year’s Eve. For Lauren, I created a loosely curled low bun. For details to get this look, keep reading.

the Hair

Loosely Curled Low Bun Crown: Start with dry shampoo at the roots of the hair to give a little volume – work in. With a 1 1/2” curling iron, curl the entire head in 1 1/2” inch sections, and spray with a light hold hairspray. Once all of the hair has been curled, part the hair from ear to ear, like a headband, across the top of the head. All of the hair in front of the part should be clipped out of the way. Leave remaining hair down.

Take remaining hair from the back of the head pull into a low and loose ponytail. To create the bun portion of the hairstyle, take 1/4 of the hair from the center of the ponytail, tease it from roots to ends, starting from the end, roll the hair up into a ball and pin onto the ponytaile. This creates a base* for all of the curls to pin into and gives the overall appearance of a fuller and thicker bun. Pin all of the remaining curls onto the teased portion – be sure completely hide the tease.
*For an even fuller looking bun — use a “hair donut” pinned around the ponytail and pin into this instead of teasing the section of hair. 

For the hair at the crown, working in small sections and slightly tease at the roots and then and pin back into the bun – this is done with no particular order. For a softer look, Lauren requested a couple curls left down to frame her face. Once all the hair is pulled back, finish the look with a medium hold hairspray and apply any additional hair pieces and/or veil.
*Never apply the hair accessories prior to final hairspray as the spray will leave a film that could potentially create a foggy type look or tarnish your pieces

Photography | Kimberly Coccagnia



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