Makeup Brushes | for the Eyes

8 Must Have Makeup Brushes for the Eyes

The right makeup brush can make all the difference when it comes to perfecting your technique. Keep reading for details on a few of my favorites.

the Top 8 | for the Eyes

    1. ZOEVA | 221 | Luxe Soft Crease : Natural and synthetic hair with a curved top, perfect for blending light and dark shadows. *This brush has the perfect shape for adding a depth to the eye.
    2. MAC | 210 | Precise Eyeliner Brush : Synthetic fiber, with an extra-fine tip, and just the right length and density for lining eyes.
    3. MAC | 228 | Mini Shader Brush : Firm and natural fiber, with a slightly round tip. Perfect for precise shadow application and smudging. I love using this brush to apply shadow to my lower lash line — creating a soft and natural look.
    4. *MAC | 217 | Blending Brush : Natural fibered brush, perfect for shading or blending powdery or creamy products. *This is my favorite brush!
      *Harsh lines are no good when it comes to makeup — you need to blend everything after application! These fluffy brushes are great to just brush over everything when you are done with application. 
    5. MAC | 239 | Eye Shader Brush : Soft and dense natural fiber brush used to shade or blend eye shadow. This is one of the most basic of eyeshadow brushes, and it can do almost anything! 
    6. MAC | 219 | Pencil Brush : Pencil-shaped, natural fiber brush for precise shading on the lid, in the eye crease or along lash line.
      The angled shadow brush is perfect for adding a dark shadow into your outer corner
    7. MAC | 263 | Small Angle Brush : Synthetic fibre brush for lining or shaping the eye or brow, and firmly distributing color. Can be used with liquid, gel, or even powder for a soft look.
    8. Sephora | Grand Shader / ZOEVA | 220 | Grand Shader : Fluffy shader brush with a natural-synthetic hair mix. Ideal for applying all powder eyeshadow products in one stroke. 

Choosing the right brush | What’s the difference?

Natural Bristles
| Best with powdered products

Synthetic Bristles | Best with liquid or cream

Long + Fluffy | Used to evenly diffuse and blend 

Short + Dense | Apply a lot of color in a small area

Make your brushes last! Check out the best way to clean your brushes to keep them looking and feeling brand new!

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  1. sally steffen says:

    This is really a lot of brushes to have to make your eyes beautiful. I have all I can do to keep track of two (2) brushes. I will try to see if I can do them as you do. However, they never look the same. I love all of your helpful tips. Thanks 🙂 G

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