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Eyebrows, Filling In + Cleaning Up

Eyebrows 102 filling in + cleaning up Favorite products and tools to use on your brows. Step-by-step tutorial with pictures   Supplies Needed | Favorites 1. Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Angled Liner Brush #90 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo 3. MAC #195 Concealer Brush 4. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer you can also […]

Eyebrow Waxing + Shaping

Eyebrows 101 waxing + shaping Wax your own eyebrows at home. Step-by-step tutorial with pictures! Follow the images from left to right starting from the top down. Supplies Needed: Mirror Mini Comb + Scissors Wax + Warmer* Small Applicator Sticks* Muslin Strips* Tweezers Witch Hazel or Cooling Gel* *starred items can be purchased together in this GiGi Starter […]

French Braids for the Beach

The Perfect Hairstyle for the Summer or the Weekend …how to make your braids look smooth, sleek and effortless By the end of the week and you just want to sleep in and chill out… here are 3 steps to the easiest hairstyle ever. 1. Brush out your hair and spray all over with Fav4 “Flex Reflect” lightweight glossing […]