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Makeup Brushes | Deep Cleaning

There are some things in life that I wish came easier. How about folded laundry straight out of the dryer, a self cleaning kitchen would give me back about ten years of life, and makeup brushes that would clean themselves.

Cleaning my professional brushes can take me hours — and now with a four month old, I don’t have that kind of time!! Finally, I found a way to deep clean them in half the time.

Supplies Needed:

Makeup Brushes
Paper Towels
Glass Plate or Dish
Brush Cleanser
Sigma “Spa Brush Cleaning Glove”

1. Set-up your supplies by a sink:

– Sort brushes by face and eyes.
– Pour a small amount of cleanser onto plate
– Lay out a towel for overnight drying

my current two favorite cleansers
1.  MAC Brush Cleanser
Ben Nye Brush Cleanser

2. Saturate in Cleanser:

Wet your first brush under luke-warm water, bristles pointing downward and stir into the cleanser using a circular motion — you’ll see some of the makeup start to come off.
Do not use hot water, the high temperature will damage your brushes.

3. Deep Clean:

Once the brush is saturated in cleanser, using the Sigma “Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (or your hand if you don’t have a glove)  thoroughly work the brush into the cleaning textures — this removes all of the makeup and kills bacteria (do this over the sink to avoid a mess)


Using the Sigma “Spa Brush Cleaning Glove“, I cleaned 75+ brushes in about 1 1/2 hours! (it usually takes at least 3 hours) This two sided glove (one side for the face brushes and the other for the eyes) and has 8 different cleaning textures.


4. Rinse + Smooth:

When you don’t see any more pigment coming off, run luke-warm water over the glove, with circular motions, rinse brush until water runs clear. Squeeze off any excess water from the bristles and gently wipe dry with a paper towel (paper towels work best because they will not leave lint on the brushes). If bristles look frayed, shape and groom with your fingers.

5. Overnight Dry:

Repeat steps 2-4 with the remainder of your brushes. Lay out your towel and roll up one side until its about 2” in height. Set brush on angle to dry, bristles down — this will allow excess water into the towel instead of into the ferrule*. Place the brushes in a location where they can dry overnight and not be disturbed.
*The ferrule holds the bristles in with glue, if this area gets damp the glue will loosen which will cause the bristles to fall out.

Tips + Tricks

DIY Cleanser: mix  2 parts dish soap and 1 1/2 parts extra virgin olive oil.

How often should I clean:
     Foundation brushes: daily or after each use – liquids will trap more bacteria than powder
     Powder/Eyeshadow brushes: after each new color
     Eyeliner brushes: daily with your foundation brushes – anything going in your eye needs to be clean to prevent infection

By cleansing your brushes regularly you avoid skin irritation, bacteria buildup and damaging the brushes themselves. Curious what else can happen when you don’t wash your brushes?

Milo loving the fact that this didn’t take forever!!

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    October 12, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Just bought a bunch of new brushes today!! This was perfect timing and very helpful!! Thanks love 💕 And the picture of milo 😻 I can’t even handle him so cute!!!

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