How to achieve healthy and glowing skin for your wedding day.

Your Makeup will only look as good as your skin underneath it.

Makeup and skincare have more in common than you may think. Even though these products may seem to have different purposes, there is a lot of crossover. Your skin’s condition influences the final application of your makeup.


Where to begin?

  • It is recommended to start a skincare routine for your wedding day about a year in advance. It’s okay if you don’t have that long before the wedding day, just implement good skincare habits as soon as possible.
  • If products aren’t used in the correct order and are not able to be absorbed, it may decrease the benefits.
  • I’ve broken down for you the steps for a daytime and nighttime routine to follow.To see what I like to personally use, click the underlined word/s

Daily Routine


Cleanser | Wash your face. Choose a cleanser based on skin type. Most people skip this step in the morning, but it is crucial to wash off the ‘leftover’ products and/or oil from the night before.

Toner | Pick a toner that targets your specific skincare issues (for example, dry skin, acne, etc.)

Serum | A serum is a highly concentrated dose of active ingredients that move deep into your pores where they are best absorbed. *Look for one to protect skin from pollution and UV rays.

Eye Cream | an eye cream is a moisturizer made specifically for the thinner skin both on and under your eyelids. Aim to find something for fine lines, dark circles and/or puffiness.

Moisturizer | with SPF is an added bonus for protection during daytime. Moisturizer locks in the products applied during the skincare routine, increasing effectiveness.

Lip Balm | Restoring moisture in a lip balm with antioxidants.



Remove Makeup | Remove all the makeup/skincare worn during the day.

Cleanser | Wash your face, yes, again. This will prepare your skin for your nighttime regimen.



Eye Cream

PM Treatment | Crucial for specific skin concerns. This treatment will deliver active ingredients to repair and restore complexion.

PM Moisturizer/Night Cream | This works with your skin’s natural overnight and reparative cycle.

Lip Balm


Face Masks | A highly concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients to the skin to improve its overall health. Face masks are occlusive – they create a physical barrier that locks in beneficial ingredients, allowing them to absorb more efficiently.  

Lip Masks | Lip masks provides nourishment and elasticity to our lips that it needs often.

Exfoliation | Exfoliating helps to keep your skin soft and smooth by buffing away and removing dead skin cells. This can be done physically or chemically about 2-3 times a week.


Facials | An Esthetician, will implement a set of skin care treatments for your face with the goal of exfoliating your skin, removing impurities, and dead skin. *If you’re trying this for the first time, go at least 3 months before your wedding/event in the case of any irritation/redness, etc.

Dermaplaning | a skin procedure which uses a sharp dermaplaning tool to gently remove the small, fine hairs on your entire face.

Hair Removal/Waxing | Help maintain the shape of your brows and remove any dark/unwanted hair on the face.

Tips & Tricks

Set up an appointment with a Dermatologist if you haven’t already. They can assess your current skin condition and help devise a strategy for achieving your skin goals.

Drink lots of Water! Did you know that by drinking water you are helping to prevent sagging skin, maintain a healthy pH, flush toxins, reduce wrinkles, prevent breakouts, encourage natural moisture and elasticity

Eliminate breakout prone foods such as
1. Refined Sugars and Grains
2. Dairy Products
3. Fast Food
4. Alcohol
5. Chocolate

Silk Pillowcase Silk Pillowcases are not only super comfortable to sleep on, but they are naturally hypoallergenic, they help prevent wrinkles and help keep skin more hydrated as they do not absorb the same way cotton does.

Use a Cool-mist Humidifier at night to add moisture to the air and keep your skin happy and healthy.

Manage Stress | this one is easier said than done, but do your best to remember what you love in life and focus on the good things. You can’t be in control of it all, you’re doing your best and pray about the rest!



let’s personalize your hair goals

It is very important that you determine the type of look you want for your wedding day in advance. From there, we need to determine your hair type and then set realistic hair goals. 


Determine your Hair Type

  • Type 1 | Fine, Thin, Prone to Oil
  • Type 2 | Thick and Coarse
  • Type 3 | Medium — its somewhere between type 1 and 2

Once you have determined your type, scroll down for step by step instructions for day of styling.

Type 1

1. Shampoo
2. Condition, preferably little to none
3. Apply a light hold mousse or styling product
4. Dry 100% from root to ends with blowdryer. *Do not use any heat tools (straightener, curling iron, etc.)

Type 2

Wash your Hair the Night Before
1. Shampoo twice
2. Condition
3. Apply a light hold mousse or styling product
4. Dry 100% from root to ends with blowdryer. *Do not use any heat tools (straightener, curling iron, etc.)

Type 3

Wash your Hair the Morning of 
1. Shampoo
2. Condition
3. Apply a light hold mousse or styling product
4. Dry 100% from root to ends with blowdryer. *Do not use any heat tools (straightener, curling iron, etc.)

Tips & Tricks

Hair Color Come up with a game plan and aim to have the color touched up between 7-10 days before the wedding. 

Shampoo less often to avoid excess oil production on the scalp and it also helps keeps your color from fading out and becoming dull. Try this Dry Shampoo

Deep condition either weekly or bi-weekly to keep your hair growing, healthy and shiny!

Extensions are your best friend if your hair is lacking in the volume department (or if the hairstyle you want needs additional length.)


Let’s pack your Touch-up Kit

I thought I’d share with you exactly the contents of my professional touch-up kit for the WEDDING DAY— my ride or die MUST HAVES.